[Middle East of the new map]

The reason for the threat of [IS leader killed] even terrorism continues [Middle East of the new map] Now life style and self-expression to changes in the Middle East In the Middle East special issue, Have you ever wanted to draw some. One is, life style you want to change in the Middle East, especially the expansion of self-expression. This change is, whether such a real thing, whether only the thing of apparent, I do not know yet. Still, I actually went, some of the changes suggests. It is reported of such reporters. The next thing, It is a photograph that was taken by reporter went to Iran. Quite hard to go to the interview in Iran, but the visa came out to negotiate this time. When I went, Iranian women everyone, I have a hijab to hide the hair, well see if hair has been quite out. Although in recent years it seems some people do not hide any hair, it is one of the trend. It is a kind of self-expression. In Iran a growing number of women to expose the hair from the scarf = Tehran, Yusuke Murayama shooting The next picture is the same location as the pictures with the cover, but here even one woman is quite out of the hair.

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