Era Japanese was a terrorist

The reason for the threat of [IS leader killed] even terrorism continues Era Japanese was a terrorist There were numerous incidents in which Japanese is arrested in Thailand and Cambodia. When it comes to Cambodia of the incident, because people have been killed, more vivid. A lot of people, that is why such a noble Japanese In the chastity? ] And you might think. Though, Japanese is a complaint, such as if the unexpected, such as to cause the incident abroad. When viewed in the category of foreigners and Japanese, I wonder is not it overwhelmingly there is an image of foreigners to commit the incident. Nowadays, speaking of terrorists, because extremists of Muslims is a worldwide image. Japanese is no exception, Muslims by virtue of the extremists who are seems hole fear Ya, presence. However, if you think about it, it's that Muslims'm also billion people in the world. Also billion people, such Yabee you were a guy, the world would have collapsed in tow. On the other hand, that the Japanese was a time that has been referred to as terrorists, it has disappeared from almost Japanese of memory.

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